Move Over Bitcoin r/wallstreetbets Is The New Hot Investment

And Soon Even The Shoe Shine Boy Will Be Talking About It

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7 min readJan 25, 2021


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Let’s go back to 2017.

Bitcoin was all everyone talked about.

My Dad, someone who doesn’t have a Facebook and struggles to attach files to emails was talking about.

Articles and interviews were pouring out from every angle and news provider about this mysterious financial device.

19-year-old millionaires who had bought 100 bitcoins when it was $100 a coin was being touted as geniuses.

The more people talked about it the higher it went.


The new bitcoin hype investment just arrived.

And it’s all on r/wallstreetbets.

Ok, it essentially is r/wallstreetbets.

Many of you have no idea what I am talking about. Maybe you have seen Cramer reference it a few times on his many interviews and show.

Maybe you have heard it in passing as your 19-year-old son wipes his mouth with his freshly minted $100 bill at dinner.

Or maybe you are confused by the “r/” prefix.

Wherever you are if you haven’t heard about r/wallstreetbetes yet. I can almost assure you will in the next month or two.

A Light Intro To The Casio That Is r/wallstreetbets

First, let’s take a look at why this once quiet subreddit.

Their about states that they are “Like 4chan found a Bloomberg Terminal”.

If you scroll through their posts there is a cult-like usage of specialized vocabulary, leader worship(u/deepfuckingvalue), and near hive-minded like an agreement that stonks only go up.

But how is this small community moving stocks?

Here are the facts.


Above is an image of their subscriber count.



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